1. The only way that the illegal settler governments can justify their place, is to continually find incompetence and inadequacy in the peeps whose lands the governments’ sovereign stole. The Crown, which set up the colonies here, did so to further their business interests, for the good of empire.
    Corrandeerk was closed because it was a successful enterprise. Any efforts at self-determination that exhibit competence are a huge threat to the legitimacy of the settler state, so they are continually undermined. Mud brick making under CDEP was one of the first to go, so that Macklin could pay 600 grand per house to outside contractors, which provides the added bonus of taxpayers resenting their taxes being wasted, and blaming the Originals for it.
    Top down programs that are largely ineffective and inefficient continue to get recurrent funding to their white administrators.
    It remains a situation of undeclared war, masked in “for their own good” rhetoric, as the corporate pirates take the money and run.


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